otsuka noriko  

● I make and sell accessories which used electronic parts.
Not only the accessories which are eary to carry out daily use but also the one with impact are available.I wish you use them in various time of your daily life.

●The number of products is limited because junk is used for electronic parts.
Please order early when you find favorite one.

●All products are handmade.
It will take a long time to send products if orders are rushing in.
Also, I'd like to comply with the wishes such as "I'd like to have the one which used this part." or "I'd like to barter pierced earrings for earrings." and so on.
Please feel easy to ask.
All products are available only in Japan at the present moment.
Please understand the situation beforehand.

●Free replacement service of resin pierced earrings or resin earrings
Even person who has metal allergy can use them safely. If you wish, write down "I'd like resin type" on the remarks column of order page after you choose pierced earrings or earrings.

otsuka noriko 

Biography till now
I started to produce a work of art which used arduino when I was a university students, in 2010.
Beside it, helping to hold a fashion show and a drama was a chance, I started to produce a work of art which harmonized fashion such as LED motor and image.
The accessories which used in event is impractical because those are heavy, moving or glittering, that's why those are not available here.
If you are interested in, feel free to text me.
I'll provide a stuff which slightly stimulate you in daily life.